Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rust and Bone (2012)

IMDb plot summary: Put in charge of his young son, Alain leaves Belgium for Antibes to live with his sister and her husband as a family. Alain's bond with Stephanie, a killer whale trainer, grows deeper after Stephanie suffers a horrible accident.
Directed by Jacques Audiard. Starring Matthias Schoenaerts and Marion Cotillard.

I'm never sure how to rate or review movies like this. There's nothing really wrong with this movie, and it has one or two very good scenes, but overall it just never captured me. I kept waiting for something to happen that I could care about. It's hard for me to analyze why this is the case since I'm not even sure where the disconnect happens (though I'm much more likely to chalk it up to fault on my end than a the filmmaker's). It was fine. It was uninteresting to me. I'm going to forget it very soon. 2 stars.

Flickchart: #1186 out of 1888, below Hello, Dolly! and above Chocolat.


Brittani Burnham said...

I think my main issue with this was that Ali was so unlikable. He actor was very good, and Stephanie's story was great, but Ali just never stopped being an asshole.

Hannah M said...

He *was*, wasn't he? I think we're maybe supposed to assume that his saving his child at the end would make him a better person, but I don't see any signs of that being true at all.