Wednesday, December 3, 2003

How To Steal a Million (1966)

Audrey Hepburn plays here the same type of airhead role that she played in "Charade", in a romantic comedy with the same delicious wit. The dialogue is the most notable thing about the movie - priceless wonderfully quotable one-liners - and while the story does advance at a snail's pace, it is somehow made interesting the whole way through. 3.5 stars.

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Angels in the Outfield (1994)

Obviously aimed at younger audiences, with virtually no appeal to older ones. It didn't even have a solid plotline. Although with a plot like this, it would have been very hard to make it worthwhile. Pretty much every way that comes to my mind is really ridiculous. But, honestly, they could have eliminated some of the sappy sentimentality, not to mention the ridiculousness. 1 star.

Dial M For Murder (1954)

One of Hitchcock's masterpieces, it's one worth watching again and again to figure out every little plot twist. Told from an unusual aspect, mostly from that of the murderer (that gives away no great secret, don't worry, you find that out twenty minutes into the movie) it twists and turns your mind as he tries to cover up any mistakes he has made. But with the amazing cast this movie has, what else could you expect? 4 stars.