Monday, August 12, 2002

Cats and Dogs (2001)

This movie was hilarious! It was completely silly, didn't take itself at all seriously (which is always fun), and despite the fact that the little kid annoyed the heck outta me, it was an awesome movie. 4 stars.

Cold Comfort Farm (1995)

A strange movie, but funny, nonetheless. The contrast of her cheerful optimism contrasted with the gloom and doom of the rest of the household is hilarious, and the way she just waltzes in and fixes up their lives left me chuckling. Not as hysterically funny as I'd heard it was, but still a really good movie. 3.5 stars.

Chicken Run (2000)

This is one of my favorite Dreamworks cartoons, second only to Shrek, but Chicken Run manages to keep most of the fun humor while throwing out the cussing and crude jokes. It's genuinely funny, not a movie for only kids. My favorite movie quote of all time comes from this movie: "The most important thing is that we have to work together as a team, which do everything I tell you." Great, great film. 4 stars.