Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Red Carpet (2014)

IMDb plot summary: Adult movie director Jung-Woo dreams of working as a regular commercial film director. Eun-Soo is a commercial film actress, who began her career when she was a child. After Jung-Woo meets Eun-Soo he faces enormous changes in his life.
Directed by Park Bum-Soo. Starring Kye Sang Yoon, Koh Joon-Hee, Jeong-se Oh, and Dal-hwan Jo.

This is the cutest, sweetest movie I could imagine being made about the porn industry. The central characters are all so likable and so easy to root for, and the tangled web of rom com coincidences that keep them apart are contrived enough to be silly but grounded enough in the character that we buy it. I especially liked how, while the tone overall stayed just light and sweet, we got occasional moments of much bigger, broader comedy that really worked. I really want to check out more of Kye Sang Yoon's work especially now; he plays a quintessential leading man for a rom com, hitting all the right notes as a lovelorn director who can't get his non-porn filmmaking career off the ground. A really lovely movie that I'm glad I unearthed.

4 stars.

This movie is not on Flickchart yet. I have submitted it and will update when I have an opportunity to rank it.

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