Saturday, May 17, 2014

Zero Charisma (2013)

IMDb plot summary: An overgrown nerd who serves as Game Master of a fantasy board game finds his role as leader of the misfits put into jeopardy when a new initiate enters the group.
Directed by Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews. Starring Sam Eidson, Brock England, Garrett Graham, and Anne Gee Byrd.

Although I do have a fondness for nerdy cinema, this one was pretty tough to sit through. Despite having one or two funny moments ("I deal in reality, not fantasy! Now let's role play!"), when it came down to it, the main character was just too unlikable and the ending too abrupt. There wasn't a character arc so much as there was just... a sudden inexplicable change in behavior, which didn't work for me at all. Knights of Badassdom is a much funnier and more enjoyable nerdy comedy from this past year.

2 stars.

Flickchart: #1381 out of 2135, below Anything Else and above 17 Miracles.

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