Thursday, April 11, 2013

Burn After Reading (2008)

IMDb plot summary: A disk containing the memoirs of a CIA agent ends up in the hands of two unscrupulous gym employees who attempt to sell it.
Directed by Ethan and Joel Coen. Starring George Clooney, Frances McDormand, Brad Pitt, John Malkovich, and Tilda Swinton.

Like most Coen brothers movies, I'm not quite sure what to make of this one. I think it'll have to settle with me for awhile. The few thoughts I have are vague and disjointed, things like:

I LOVE Brad Pitt in this.
And Frances McDormand.
Everyone else is kind of sleazy.
Especially Tilda Swinton.
I think I missed the point of the movie. I think it had one, but I think I missed it.
Was this a comedy? I couldn't quite tell.

In the end, Brad Pitt's absolutely wonderful gym worker and Frances McDormand's likable, insecure heroine get a 2.5 star rating out of me. Not sure yet how I feel about the rest.

Flickchart: #1275 out of 1902, below Spider-Man 3 and above A Scanner Darkly.


Brittani Burnham said...

I only liked Brad Pitt in this as well. The rest just didn't really work for me. But Brad's face, when that closet door gets opened, priceless.

Hannah M said...

Agreed on that! I laughed very, very hard during that moment.