Saturday, September 20, 2014

Muscle Heat (2002)

IMDb plot summary: In the year 2009, a young policeman must collapse a Yakuza family whose members make a large profit with a new drug.
Directed by Ten Shimoyama. Starring Kane Kosugi, Shô Aikawa, Masaya Katô, Misato Tachibana.

There is a lot going on this movie, and some if the plot points are more interesting than others. I enjoyed the mildly dystopian future, I liked the tiny subplot with the sewer kids, and I thought the drug thing was interesting (though I hoped they'd delve into it much more -- I pretty much kept wanting this movie to be Dredd). However, there's also a LOT going on that I didn't care about, and they never really combined in a satisfactory way. This is maybe my favorite so far of my kung fu theme week, but I didn't love it.

Flickchart: #1482 out of 2221, below *batteries not included and above An Officer and a Gentleman.

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