Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rambo (2008)

IMDb plot summary: In Thailand, John Rambo joins a group of mercenaries to venture into war-torn Burma, and rescue a group of Christian aid workers who were kidnapped by the ruthless local infantry unit.
Directed by Sylvester Stallone. Starring Sylvester Stallone, Julie Benz, Matthew Marsden, and Graham McTavish.

(Some spoilers.)

Of the Rambo movies, I've only seen First Blood, and while I didn't really get into it, I admired it for being essentially an anti-violence movie in violence-movie trappings. It explored some deep themes. This one... meh. Not so much. It's disconcerting to me that they set up the key thematic conflict as being the Christian missionaries' pacifism vs. the mercenaries'... well, mercenary-ness, and then essentially ends on the pro-violence side. Sure, there's a hint at the end that Rambo himself may find some closure... but for the most part the movie's message is disturbing, especially knowing the focus of the first one.

That being said, the story was engaging and interesting to watch, though, as expected, I did lose a lot of interest once the action scenes took over. However, Rambo himself is a pretty intriguing character for the first half. So kudos to it for that.

2 stars.

Flickchart: #1577 out of 2213, below Sahara and above Howl's Moving Castle.

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