Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Forest (2016)

IMDb plot summary: A woman goes into Japan's Suicide Forest to find her twin sister, and confronts supernatural terror.
Directed by Jason Zada. Starring Natalie Dormer, Taylor Kinney, Yukiyoshi Ozawa, and Rina Takasaki.

This movie was torn between two types of movies: a movie about ghosts with scary faces attacking people in the woods, and a psychological horror flick about ghosts slowly driving people to paranoia and insanity. The latter is MUCH more interesting than the former and allows the movie to build an actual creepy atmosphere rather than just relying on cop-out jump scares (or, worse, the many *completely* pointless scares in the first half hour that barely tie in to the plot, let alone the atmosphere). The movie does a better job of finding its way toward the end of the movie, but it takes too long to get there and spends too much time focusing on random creepy images when there are much scarier and more interesting possibilities just below the surface.

1.5 stars.

How it entered my Flickchart:
The Forest < Camp Rock
The Forest > Born Into Brothels
The Forest < Mickey's Christmas Carol
The Forest > Treasures of the Snow
The Forest < The Quiet Man
The Forest > The 39 Steps
The Forest > Rust and Bone
The Forest > The Muppet Christmas Carol
The Forest > Bus Stop
The Forest < A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
The Forest > Cruel Intentions
Final spot: #1590 out of 2419.

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