Thursday, May 2, 2013

Men in Black II (2002)

IMDb plot summary: Agent J needs help so he is sent to find Agent K and restore his memory.
Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Starring Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Lara Flynn Boyle and Rosario Dawson.


This is a pretty horrible movie.

Seriously, it took everything that was entertaining about the original movie and made it lame and stupid. The jokes were flat, the characterization was weird and inconsistent (not just from the last movie to this one - it was inconsistent *within the movie*), and the special effects were really, really bad, while the visuals on the last rewatch of the original flick held up surprisingly well. On the positive side, THANK GOD he wasn't partnered with that dog the whole movie...

*This*, people, *this* is why sequels to clearly standalone movies are a horrible idea. 1 star.

Flickchart: #1794 out of 1918, below Mean Streets and above The Incredible Journey.

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