Saturday, May 21, 2016

Party Girl (1958)

IMDb plot summary: Lawyer Thomas Farrell is a defender of crooks. Vicki Gayle encourages him improve his reputation, but mob king Rico Angelo insists otherwise.
Directed by Nicholas Ray. Starring Robert Taylor, Cyd Charisse, Lee J. Cob, and John Ireland.

What a weird little movie. It starts off with what seems to be a traditional MGM musical set up and then veers wildly off track into being hardly a musical and not about the titular party girl at all. That being said, it's kind of an enjoyably weird ride, and it's certainly unpredictable. I have no desire to ever watch it again, but it held my interest for most of its run - though I don't know if that would have been the case if I had known what genre it actually was going in.

2 stars.

How it entered my Flickchart:
Party Girl < A Little Night Music
Party Girl > The Boss
Party Girl > What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Party Girl > The Adjustment Bureau
Party Girl < Crash
Party Girl < Revengers Tragedy
Party Girl < Batman Begins
Party Girl > Quitting
Party Girl < 21 Up
Party Girl < Marie Antoinette
Party Girl < Mystic River
Party Girl > The Game

Final spot: #1370 out of 2455.

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