Sunday, March 15, 2015

No eres tú, soy yo (2010)

IMDb plot summary: Javier is crushed after his new bride leaves him. When his psychiatrist has no answers, he turns to the arms of his ex-girlfriends.
Directed by Alejandro Springall. Starring Eugenio Derbez, Martina García, Alejandra Barros, and Juan Ríos.

(Mild spoilers.)

This is a cute little movie, mostly thanks to a likable lead actor. With most actors, that first hour of self-pity and falling apart would have been intolerable. He manages to make it actually kind of work, and it's easy to root for things to go well for him. But this movie does just the bare minimum to tell its story, and there's not a lot of visible motivation for the main character to do what he does or change the way he changes. It just... happens, with no real catalyst. This makes the movie seem a bit hopeless, like he hasn't really fixed anything within himself and is doomed to repeat his mistakes. This is apparently a remake, and I am curious to see the original and see if there's a deeper story with that one.

3 stars.

How it entered my Flickchart:
No eres tu, so yo > Last Action Hero
No eres tu, so yo < Argo
No eres tu, so yo < You've Got Mail
No eres tu, so yo > Black Snake Moan
No eres tu, so yo < Three Colors: Blue
No eres tu, so yo > Unbreakable
No eres tu, so yo < The Player
No eres tu, so yo > The Other Boleyn Girl
No eres tu, so yo < School of Rock
No eres tu, so yo > The Cutting Edge
Final spot: #973 out of 2336.

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