Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ali (2001)

IMDb plot summary: A biography of sports legend, Muhammad Ali, from his early days to his days in the ring.
Directed by Michael Mann. Starring Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Jon Voight, and Mario Van Peebles.

Well, this movie started off with a very confusing 12-minute montage of events, people, and places we didn't know yet and that it didn't set up very helpfully. And it did not get better from there. I like Will Smith and typically find him charming and interesting no matter what he's in, but this movie does him no favors. The story is scattered, confusing, and disappointingly boring. Occasionally Smith's charisma managed to shine through and be a momentary highlight, but overall this not a well-put-together movie.

1 star.

Flickchart: #1847 out of 2253, below Mamma Mia! and above Transcendence.

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