Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Maine Pyar Kiya (1989)

IMDb plot summary: Karan decides to travel overseas and leave his daughter with his friend and his family, but his friend's son falls in love with his daughter.
Directed by Sooraj R. Barjatya. Starring Salman Khan, Bhagyashree, Alok Nath, and Rajeev Verma.

I'm not super well-versed in Bollywood musicals, but of the ones I've seen, this one lands a bit further down toward the middle of my chart. While I still find the grandiose emotions and abrupt group dance numbers charming, Maine Pyar Kiya is pretty shallow underneath all of that. The central characters don't really have much chemistry or personality, especially compared to much more charismatic side characters like Suman's father. The songs are also not terribly interesting, either musically or visually. There's enough fun in the campy acting to keep it from falling to the bottom of my list, but I wouldn't ever seek it out to watch it again.

2.5 stars.

How it entered my Flickchart:
Maine Pyar Kiya > Frankie Go Boom
Maine Pyar Kiya < Gone In 60 Seconds
Maine Pyar Kiya < The Red Shoes
Maine Pyar Kiya < Bully
Maine Pyar Kiya < The Nanny Diaries
Maine Pyar Kiya < Is It College Yet?
Maine Pyar Kiya > Trainwreck
Maine Pyar Kiya < Primal Fear
Maine Pyar Kiya < Inland Empire
Maine Pyar Kiya > The Core
Maine Pyar Kiya < Fantasia 2000
Final spot: #1283 out of 2613.

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